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Runway Still Can Quot T Sew Up Premiere Date

Fingers crossed the parties involved in Project Runway network-jumping litigation will have the advice of Tim Gunn and make it work. Otherwise, it can not be only the loss of designers we ll be offered on Wiedersehen.The show could take to the top years for a return to small screen after next week fifth season final, according to the Los Angeles Times, because of legal wrangling between producers and networks..
12.10.08 00:46

Jay Z Calls Out Sick For Obama Concert

With a bonus Last Chance For Change performance originally scheduled for Monday afternoon (October 6) in Miami, Jay-Z surprisingly canceled his appearance all last minute due to throat problems.
12.10.08 00:46

Mischa Barton Barton Criticises Beckham Quot Style

The OC star is laughable Beckham self-proclaimed status as a style guru and believes the British prefer their hippy clothing. MISCHA BARTON actress criticized VICTORIA BECKHAM fashion sense - insisting his style is much better. She says: Posh Doesnt Strike Me As Particularly Stylish I Dont Think Shes A Good Example Of British Style At All I Dont Dress For Anybody Else And I Think The Reason People Like My Style Is That I Do My Own Thing.
12.10.08 00:46

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